Kevin Woblick

Kevin Woblick

Hi! I'm Kevin. Web Engineer and Open Source Creator from Berlin, Germany. I am currently working as a Software Engineer for Thalia DRS.
Since starting with web development in 2008, I created a lot of different projects, including a bookmark manager, an invoicing software, a web archive for video game quotes and many more.
Besides working on websites and web apps, I take photos from time to time. You can find most of my photos on Unsplash.


LinkAce screenshot


An open source, self-hosted bookmark archive.
Stumbled screenshot


Discover the most interesting, weird or awesome websites.
Game Quotes screenshot

Game Quotes

The best quotes from video games.
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A self-hosted invoicing application.
HRI screenshot

HRI Berlin

Training and certification for flight personel.

Titaroq screenshot


One-Page info website about the Titaroq Gaming Clan.


A collection of my own short stories from the past years, partly based on Reddit Writing Prompts.


A website with a lot of detailed information about Chernobyl and Pripyat. Only available in German.


No more 'Lorem ipsum', get some real quotes or speeches for your free text with this generator!


A privacy friendly Taboo game in your browser, playable with your friends and family.


A web tool to find the most profitable trades between two merchants. Made by a Gamer for Gamers.

Docker Stack

A Docker setup with minimal configuration and few files you can drop into many PHP-based projects.


A helper package for Laravel to retrieve properly formatted and encoded HTML meta tags of a website.


An up-to-date list of PHP hashes with their execution time and output length, perfect for comparison.

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